The best Mandarin training provider in Indonesia.

Our Mission :

  • To teach Mandarin from young children to professionals.
  • To be the place for developing skills in Mandarin to compete in the global market.
  • To allow students to become acquainted with the Chinese culture and customs.

Newton Education Center is a language center specialized in The Mandarin language that is supported by some of the universities in China, which are committed to providing effective, practical and professional tools in your endeavor to practice Mandarin. Recently we have added Bahasa Indonesia language course service for Chinese expatriates who are keen to learn Bahasa Indonesia language for business and pleasure in Indonesia.

With China’s recent economic growth, both as a place to travel or to do business in, the interest for studying Mandarin grow bigger every year. Whether you are interested in learning Mandarin for traveling or doing business with the Chinese people, learning this language is an important step to bridge the gap between people and cultures.


Newton Education Center is the leading Mandarin Language training provider in Indonesia and has worked with these institutions.