Sek0olah Mutiara Bangsa 2 is a school within the auspices of Ananda Bina Cerdas Foundation. Pearl of the Nation began to ditoreh with gold ink the first time in 2003 with the name Mutiara Bangsa 1 located in housing Poris Indah, Tangerang. Under the auspices of Yayasan Mutiara Bangsa Foundation, the school uses the national curriculum as a basis for its teaching and learning activities. Because of the many supports and beliefs from the parents of the students given to Mutiara Bangsa then in 2005. Mutiara Bangsa expanded its wings by establishing kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, Mutiara Bangsa 3 in West Jelambar III West Jakarta. Do not stop there until the School Mutiara Bangsa continue their work in the world of education by building Mutiara Bangsa 2 year 2008 located in the street Husein Sastranegara no 29 B, Tangerang. Located in front of Duta Garden housing complex, Tangerang.