Mandarin For Adults

The course is based on your level by providing systematic training such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is available for regular Daily Mandarin, 30 hours package (twice a week), which is divided into:
• Basic level ( Jinri 1 – Jinri 3 )
• Intermediate level ( Jinri 4 – Jinri 6 )
• Advanced Level ( Jinri 7- Jinri 9 ).


A simple lesson for travelling adults.

打车(dǎ chē) Take a taxi
(1)你要去哪里(nǐ yào qù nǎli)?
Where are you going?
(8)大概要多长时间(dàgài yào duōcháng shíjiān)?
Roughly how long does it take?
(2)去超市(qù chāoshì)。
I’m going to supermarket.
(9)四点能到吗(sìdiǎn néng dào ma)?
Can we arrive by 4 o’clock?
(3)请开一下后备箱(qǐng kāi yíxià hòubèixiāng)。
Please open the trunk
(10)你能停一下吗(nǐ néng tíng yíxià ma)?
Can you stop for a short while?
(4)你知道怎么去深圳大学吗(nǐ zhīdào zěnme qù Shēnzhèn dàxué ma)?
Do you know how to get to the Shenzhen University?
(11)你能等我十分钟吗(nǐ néng děng wǒ shí fēnzhōng ma)?
Can you wait for me about 10 minutes?
(5)请快一点(qǐng kuài yìdiǎn)。
Please go a little faster.
(12)你有一块钱吗(nǐ yǒu yíkuài qián ma)?
So you have one Yuan?
(6)我有急事(wǒ yǒu jíshì)。
I’m in a hurry
(13)去飞机场多少钱(qù fēijīchǎng duōshǎo qián)?
How much does it cost to get to the airport?
(7)请你不要太快,我害怕(qǐng nǐ bú yào tài kuài,wǒ hàipà)。
Please don’t go too fast, I’m scared.
(14)到了,下车吧!(dào le,xiàchē ba)
Here we are. You may get out.
(15)对不起(duìbuqǐ),我没带零钱(wǒ méi dài língqián)。
Sorry, I do not have any small change on me.


Towards Excellence in care, education and service

Newton’s Education for adult class is fun and is like a group meeting type class where everyone can learn and practice immidiately.

Reach Out To Learn and Serve

We practice from reading, writing and speaking of Mandarin language together and we are able to learn from each other.

I am so happy to have my children learning the Mandarin language in Newton Education Center because they are now able to converse with me in the Mandarin language.

Ms. Linda - Jakarta Pusat

These days, the Mandarin language is the one language that everyone must learn because of the China’s booming economy also as the most populated country in the world, my children can benefit from the future business they’ll be dealing with.

Mr. Janto - Jakarta Barat