Mandarin For Business

This course is for those who want to take business classes for basic Mandarin skills. This pragmatic course is designed for businessmen, executives and managers in various lines of business who can speak Mandarin in general but are not proficient in using Mandarin for business purposes.

The course aims to develop their capability for bilingual communication and enhance their writing skills.


The best way to impress people is on the dining table.

点菜和结帐(diǎncài hé jiézhàng) Ordering Dishes & Paying the Bill
(1)你们吃什么(nǐmen chī shénme)?
What would you like to eat?
(8)就要这些(jiù yào zhèxiē)。
That is all I want.
(2)有西兰花吗(yǒu xīlánhuā ma)?
Do you have broccoli?
(9)不要了(bú yào le)。
I don’t want anything else.
(3)这里面是什么(zhè lǐmiàn shì shénme)?
What’s inside?
(10)我们不吃肉(wǒmen bú chīròu)。
We don’t eat meat.
(4)要这个(yào zhège)。
I want this (one).
(11)你住哪里(nǐ zhù nǎli)?
Where do you live?
(5)要两瓶啤酒(yào liǎng píng píjiǔ),三碗米饭(sān wǎn mǐfàn)。
I would like two bottles of beer and three bowls of rice.
(12)请等一下儿(qǐng děng yíxiàr)。
Wait a minute, please.
(6)米饭跟菜一起上(mǐfàn gēn cài yìqǐ shàng)。
I would like to have the dishes served along with the rice.
(13)买单(mǎi dān)!
The bill, please!
(7)还要什么(hái yào shénme)?
Anything else?
(14)要发票(yào fāpiào)。
I would like a receipt.
(15)可以打包吗(kěyǐ dǎbāo ma)?
Can you pack the leftover food for me?


Towards excellence in care, education and service

For business class, we can have classes in client’s office or in our class room and the native speaker teacher will ensure that every pronounciation is correct.

Reach Out To Learn and Serve

Group class for each company can benefit from the immidiate result of speaking Mandarin.

I am so happy to have my children learning the Mandarin language in Newton Education Center because they are now able to converse with me in the Mandarin language.

Ms. Linda - Jakarta Pusat

These days, the Mandarin language is the one language that everyone must learn because of the China’s booming economy also as the most populated country in the world, my children can benefit from the future business they’ll be dealing with.

Mr. Janto - Jakarta Barat