Mandarin For Teens

Mandarin for teens is designed to help teens learn Mandarin via games and interactive play while discussing deeper educational topics. They will be trained in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The lessons range from Beginner to Advanced level which can help the teens achieve their Mandarin learning goals step by step.


More focused on the conversation between teens.

问时间(wèn shíjiān) Asking the Time
(1)现在几点(xiànzài jǐ diǎn)?
What time is it now?
(8)请你今天晚上八点以后给我打电话(qǐng nǐ jīntiān wǎnshang bādiǎn yǐhou gěi wǒ dǎ diànhuà)。
Please give me a telephone call after 8 p.m this evening.
(2)今天几号(jīntiān jǐ hào)?
What is the date today?
(9)你等了多久了(nǐ děng le duōjiǔ le)?
How long have you been waiting?
(3)明天星期几(míngtiān xīngqī jǐ)?
What day is tomorrow?
(10)我们在这儿学习一个月(wǒmen zài zhèr xuéxí yí gè yuè)。
We will study here for one month.
(4)你什么时候有空(nǐ shénme shíhòu yǒukòng)?
When do you have free time?
(11)火车几点开(huǒchē jǐdiǎn kāi)?
What time dose the train leave?
(5)周末我没有时间(zhōumò wǒ méiyǒu shíjiān)。
I do not have free time at the weekend.
(12)飞机什么时候起飞(fēijī shénme shíhòu qǐfēi)?
When dose the plane take off?
(6)你们从几点到几点上班(nǐmen cóng jǐdiǎn dào jǐdiǎn shàngbān)?
When do you start and finish work?
(13)明天几点到上海(míngtiān jǐdiǎn dào shànghǎi)?
What time will you arrive in Shanghai tomorrow?
(7)我明天九点来找你(wǒ míngtiān jiǔdiǎn lái zhǎonǐ)。
Tomorrow at nine o’clock I’ll come to meet you.
(14)你们哪天回国(nǐmen nǎtiān huíguó)?
When will you return to your country?
(15)你打算什么时候再来(nǐ dǎsuan shénme shíhòu zài lái)?
When do you intend to come back?


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Newton Education is available to teach in the school like this SMKN48 Jakarta.

Reach Out To Learn and Serve

Our curriculum and care stimulate and nurture growth. We strive to make each teen’s day fruitful by providing a conducive environment to increase teenagers’ ability to communicate, promote independence and social behaviour.

I am so happy to have my children learning the Mandarin language in Newton Education Center because they are now able to converse with me in the Mandarin language.

Ms. Linda - Jakarta Pusat

These days, the Mandarin language is the one language that everyone must learn because of the China’s booming economy also as the most populated country in the world, my children can benefit from the future business they’ll be dealing with.

Mr. Janto - Jakarta Barat